Coccidiosis/ Coccidia

Cocccidiosis is a parasitic disease, which nearly appears in each kind of animal husbandry .
Coccidians are unicellular organisms, which must live and reproduce for example within intestinal tracts .
Rabbits are frequently infected with coccidia and often develop active coccidiosis without contracting itselves. But if the animal is weakened by an infect, stress or wrong feeding, coccidoisis might break out.

If the infestation is humble, the coccidiosis will be without any symptoms. But if broad parts of the intestinal tracts are sored by coccidians, the assimilated food will not be normally digested and processed.

Animals which are affected with coccidiosis loose weight and have slimy right up to bloody diarrhea. If the intestinal flora is affected, bacterial infections could spread, which come along with heavy flatulences.
Young animals fall sick with coccidiosis most heavily.
The mortality of them amonuts up to 100%.