Hygiene in the stable

A species-appropriate stable is the foundation for rearing farm animals. Chickens, pigs or dairy cattle only should be reared in species-appropriate stables.
But what is up to par to a stable? Apart from the size, which certainly depends on the number of animals, the appointment, the ventilation and other aspects play a decisive role in that case.
Attention should be paid to the hygienic terms in stables in which farm animals like chickens are held. Bad hygiene in the stable brings along fatal consequences and does not only affect health but has also other fallouts.
The laying performance and the quality of eggs could be sorely afflicted, if the poultry is held under bad hygienic requirements. A fact which could be avoided studiously by better hygiene.
Periodical cleaning and disinfection are the foundation of healthy, powerful animals whose immune system could be sorely affected by germs, bacteria or parasites.
But best hygiene requirements are not only preferable in big kind of keeping animals. Also in private animal keeping or self supporter with small stables for chickens or other farm animals have to take care of hygiene.